Prayer of the Day – May 13


God of love and grace, with heavy hearts we pray:

For those in Nepal who are affected not only by one, but two devastating earthquakes.
For the loved ones of the 45 Ismaili’s who were gunned down in Karachi last night (and all around the world who are affected by such horrific acts of violence.)
For those affected by the destructive and deadly storms throughout the midwest and the south and for all others affected by natural disasters across the world.
For those in Madison (and around the country) who are grieving the loss of another beloved child of Your’s and who are hurt and angry about another unjust decision that tells the world that to some in the U.S. certain lives just don’t matter as much as others.
For the loved ones of the 31 killed in the factory fire in Manila and of those 63 who are unaccounted for.
For the thousands of South Sudanese refugees being relocated, as well as all others around the world seeking refuge from war, genocide, and natural disasters.
For those in Syria, Libya, Yemen and other places of war and unrest.
For those who boldly speak out against injustice and regime, and yet face retaliation, imprisonment, and even execution.
For all who are suffering from poverty, hunger, and the ever-growing inequality gap.
God, in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

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