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Unto Us a Child is Born!



For unto us a child is born!

The first Christmas story tells of a young, poor couple who fearfully flee their country in order to save their child’s life. It tells of a refugee mother and father desperately seeking for a place to give birth to their son, only to be turned away from the inn and to get stuck in a dirty, stinky barn, surrounded by animals and manure.

And yet, in the midst of this messy Christmas story, hope, peace, joy, and love broke forth into the world.

In the messiness of life, God still shows up in and through the least expected people and places. May we open our eyes and hearts to see and experience our God incarnate around us.

Guest Post at Revgalblogpals: “The Pastoral is Political: #churchtoo”




Today I’m blogging over at RevGalBlogPals:

“A few weeks ago, spoken word poet Emily Joy and writer Hannah Paasch started the hashtag #churchtoo to offer a space for people to share their experiences of sexual harassment and sexual assault within the church.

Because, yes, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of power take place in the church, too. A lot. And when we don’t acknowledge this, call it out, and address it, we send some strong messages that can impact people in very harmful ways – whether they are the victims of sexual abuse or not.”


You can read the rest of the post here.