Guest Post at RevGalBlogPals: “The Pastoral Is Political: Holy Anger”


Today I’m guest blogging at RevGalBlogPals: “The Pastoral Is Political: Holy Anger.”

“Let’s talk about that dirty “A” word the Church so often dislikes…

In the Church, we try to avoid “anger” like that mask-less person on the train who will just not stop coughing…

The irony is: this concept that anger and rage are somehow “bad” – which is often upheld in many Christian circles – is actually far from biblical.  Throughout the books of wisdom, prophets, psalms, Gospels, and epistles, God’s faithful people – as well as God, Godself – express anger and rage in multiples ways, shapes, and forms – particularly at injustice and when people are being marginalized and excluded. Even Jesus gets ticked off when he finds money changers in the Temple who were exploiting and excluding those who are most vulnerable. This enrages him. And he does not exactly express his rage with ‘kindness, gentleness, and self-control.’” 

You can read the rest here.

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